Dragon Tales Jewelry

Hand-Crafted Jewelry by Carlina Johnson

I've been designing and creating hand-crafted jewelry for years, first as a hobby
and then as a business from my home. I take great pride in every piece I create.
Each item is made individually by me and is a one-of-a-kind creation. 

I use semi-precious stones and gems from around the world, including

   Jade               Topaz             Amethyst

Obsidian             Peridot             Jasper             Aventurine

Turquoise             Sandstone             Tiger's Eye

Amber             Moonstone             Tourmaline             Goldstone

I also design hand-made, one-of-a-kind, beaded jewelry
 of various designs and styles, including a line of children's earrings.  

My hand-crafted scented candles are made with
authentic essential oils for a long-lasting fragrance.

I create hand-made crocheted afghans; classic styles
for your home or whimsical pieces for children.

I enjoy dragon decor. In fact, dragons are the inspiration for
Dragon Tales Jewelry. I've included a line of beautifully crafted
dragon figurines that range from adorable baby dragons to
dramatic, elegant sculptures.

To see my complete collection go to my Dragon Tales Jewelry Catalog

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Dragon Tales Jewelry is a member of the Wyoming First Program

Some of my pieces are featured below. Click the picture to see more information about the item.

Dragon Tales Jewelry at F.E. Warren AFB!

Dragon Tales Jewelry will be displaying their wares at the F.E. Warren Air Force Base BX. This will be a great opportunity to see our products up close  and personal and to find gifts for the holidays. Times and dates will be posted as information is available.